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“Click! Click! Click!” I could feel the pressure in this room. My eyes stare directly at the paper. Finals, the summary of all high school in a single test of 27 pages. This test decides my future, yet I can’t focus. I look at the clock, 5 minutes left. I had only 2 pages left unanswered. I go through them and see which ones I know. I look to my right. I saw Jackson, my best friends, heading toward Professor Jackowitz test in hand. Anne came up afterwards, then Ashton, Jake and the rest of the class! The clock struck 3, school is over. I turn in my papers to Professor Jackowitz and sprint out. If I don’t graduate, I don’t get a chance at choosing my job.

“Hey Jenna!” A voice said. That’s me. I turn around and see Anne. She was running toward me. “How’d you do on the test?” She asked. I simply nodded and gave a thumbs down. Anne was a compassionate friend. It was nice that she cared a lot, but quite frankly, it was annoying. She dressed like that girl Mary in the nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb”. I’d always have Jackson between me and her because I couldn’t stand her smile. Speaking of, I saw Jackson over at my locker.

“Hey Jenna!” Jackson exclaimed. I smiled and waved back. “Hey Anne!” Anne simply shook his hand. We all head toward the exit when an announcement came.

“Attention students! This year we have a little change. Tomorrow, regardless of finals, everyone will be graduating and will be allowed into career day!”

We all seemed confused. Everyone is graduating? Four years of school simply down the drain? Everyone else didn’t seem to mind. I open a bag and grabbed my phone.

“You girls want to go to Jeff’s for a celebratory dinner on our graduation?” Jackson asked. I didn’t bother responding, but rather just walked toward Jeff’s. Jeff’s is where Jackson and I first met. It was a birthday party. Jackson at the time didn’t like to go out, he wouldn’t socialize with anyone. IT took 30 minutes for me to get him to say “Hi”. I’d say he’s changed a lot through the years. Not because of me, more like he just needed someone to push him.

Once we’d arrived at Jeff’s, we saw some faces from our school. Jake and Olivia were the popular couple, although they never appeared as one. It was rare for them to kiss or hold hand. Logan and Rebekah were on either side of the building tossing a football around.

I could smell the pasta from outside. I breathed it in with joy. AS we entered the restaurant I saw the owner, Jeff, serving tables. He glanced at the door, then me.

“Hey you guys!” Jeff says walking toward us. He shook our hands and guided us toward some seats. “Always nice to see my regulars, what can I get you guys!”

“The usual” Jackson said. Jeff knew use enough to know what “the usual” for all three of us was. He quickly ran back to the kitchen.

I turn my phone on and see five missed calls from my dad. I tap on voicemail. Nothing I go to message: Jenna, your principal informed me an announcement was made about graduation. It was fake A student decided a prank was necessary for him to graduate. I don’t know if you graduated but I think you should still go.

I guess that solves my question. But I was scared I didn’t what was gonna happen.

“What’s wrong Jenna?” Anne asked sounding like she didn’t care. I held the phone up to them. Jackson started chuckling, Anne as well. It wasn’t long ‘til they burst out laughing. I punched Jacksons shoulder. He didn’t seem to mind. I don’t find someone faking school graduation amusing.

We saw Jeff arrive with our food. Three-cheese lasagna for Jackson; Ravioli cheese forte for Anne; and spaghetti and meatballs for me. It smelled too good. I almost forgot about my dad’s text message. It was only here Anne would eat like a beast. Unlike Jackson, he ate so slow. It was annoying!

After we paid our bill we all went home. As I was walking home I saw a girl getting bullied by a group of boys. They all looked a little over 13. I ran over to her grabbing her hand. I signaled them to scram with a mean face. I walked her home when we found her mother. The little girl ran over to her.

“Mom!” She said with a frightened voice. “This lady helped me, when these kids were bullying me.”

“Thank you! This is London, my daughter.” The mother said. I simply smiled. “Let’s go London, get in the car.” I walked home afterwards. I’m assuming the mom knew me, since she didn’t ask for my name.

It was nearly 6:30 PM. I stood at the front door. It was empty, no light, no TV on. Where could my dad have gone. I sighed. I took the keys out of my bag and opened the door. AS I entered the room I felt a chill. It was so cold. I walked up the stairs. Potato chips on the floor, a glass of water. There was something strange about it. The glass of water had ice in it. Did he just leave? It wasn’t likely he was home since the game is on.

“Jenna?” A voice said. I turned around and light switch was turned on. It was my big sis, Amelia. I started to shiver. “Yeah, sorry, Dad left it on before he went to the shelter” Amelia said.

I heeded toward my room. The first thing I saw was my year book. I sit down and open it. I saw Jackson’s picture. He wore a blue shirt. His hair was messy that day, but in a cute way. I love his hazel eyes and his cheekbone structure was perfect. I really hope he graduates. I really hope I graduate…


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